scan & send

when you just must have that letter today!

Scanning important letter mail that is delivered to your PO Box

. . .or scan & send

You can also have urgent letters scanned and emailed to you for instant access.    If you are constantly travelling,  have no fixed point of contact for forwarding,  or just must have the contents of that important letter today,  Scan & Send is for you.

using the service

getting the most from scanning your letters

A fixed fee of £0.60  ( 60p ) is applied per A4 scanned image and debited from your Postage fund balance.

To save you money,  we only ever scan the first page of a letter or document initially.   This 'initial scan' is usually enough for you to decide what to do with the item . . .   forward,  store,  or scan additional pages.

to scan all mail on arrival

Set the standing instructions in your account control panel to  'Scan & Send all of my mail'.   Whilst this option is active,  all mail items  (other than parcels) being delivered to your mailbox will be opened and the initial scan sent to your registered email address as attachments in '. jpg' format.

Once delivery of this email is confirmed,  the original images will be deleted from our servers to preserve your privacy.

to scan mail already in your box

When you change your instructions to 'Scan and Send all of my mail' it applies only to new mail arriving and doesn't affect any items already in your box. . .   which will NOT be scanned automatically.   If you want all or some of your existing mail items scanned,  please email our Support team with your request.