fixed fees

our prices are guaranteed never to increase during your time with expost!

Our unique fixed price guarantee means that whilst you hold a mailbox  (no matter how often you renew it),  so long as you don't let your account expire,  the fees you pay in ten years time will be those that were in force on the day you joined vanpost. . .   we'll never charge you a penny more to renew your account,  handle your packets and parcels or scan your letters.

your postage fund

When you create a mailbox account,  you also deposit £20 into a notional 'Postage Fund',  from which all charges are drawn down as they become due.   If this fund runs low,  our system will send you a reminder so that you can top it up through your control panel. . .

. . .and any balance remaining will be repaid at the end of your account period.

Prices for caravan PO Boxes with a UK street address

all charges

service fees

This is the charge we apply to provide a mailbox and is identical for both Private and Business accounts.

3 month account

£90 service fee,  plus £20 postage fund credit.

6 month account

£150 service fee,  plus £20 postage fund credit.

12 month account

£200 service fee,  plus £20 postage fund credit.


Forwarding your letters and parcels to your Collect Store is free. . .   all you ever pay is the postage, at cost!

As a guide;  sending a despatch of 10 normal letters within the UK,  including the postage bag,  would cost around  £1.74

handling charges

We apply a small charge for each item of mail that we process for you;   to sign-for if necessary,  then to identify,  sort,  store and insure your mail whilst on the premises and in our care.

Postcard:  5p
Letter:  50p
Large letter:  £1.00
Parcel (up to 20Kg):  £2.00

scan and send

Per A4 image:  60p

sms alerts

Per SMS:  5p

Handling charges,  postage and surcharges are debited from your Postage Fund in real time and itemised in your 90 day account statement.


and how to avoid paying them!

We are able to offer such low costs because ProPost™,  our in-house software,  controls and manages your mail automatically.   A Surcharge is only applied when a service you request requires manual intervention. . .   but don't worry,  regardless of the amount of work that may be necessary,  Surcharges are fixed at just £2.50

manual mail searches

on request

To identify a specific mail item,  or items,  from within your mailbox for the purpose of an individual scan,  forwarding,  or simply to confirm receipt.

unknown user identification

For the investigation of mail delivered to an unregistered User,  which we successfully identify as intended for your mailbox.   The item will be logged in as normal and the User name added to your account.

search archive

To search the unidentified mail archive for a previously unregistered User name.

mail recovery

To recover mail from a previously Closed account that has been archived prior to destruction.

additional services

special delivery & courier despatch

To complete the additional paperwork  (customs declaration,  waybill or pro-forma invoice) and facilitate collection.
Please note:   No Surcharge is payable for forwarding by Royal Mail signed-for or tracked.

paying third party charges

To pay excess postage or Customs Duty on delivery.

oversize parcel handling

To receive and store a package larger or heavier than the Royal Mail  Medium Parcel  format.

official visitors

To deal with a bailiff or other visitor on your behalf and includes an email notification of the visit.   Any documentation left will be inserted into your mailbox for forwarding in the normal way.

Prices for PO Boxes with a UK street address

transaction fees

please read this bit carefully!

When you buy something on the internet, your card issuer or Paypal charges the retailer a percentage of the transaction.   These charges vary enormously. . .   from 2% to as much as 8%,  according to the card  ( Visa,  Mastercard, Paypal etc. ),  the payment type  (Credit or Debit)  and,  very importantly,  the geographical location of both the card holder and the issuing bank.

If you are in the UK and buying a pair of shoes from a UK retailer, the transaction charge is predictable and fixed. . .   so the retailer can include it in the price of the shoes and you may not even be aware that it exists.   Our customers,  however,  come from all corners of the world and sometimes use cards that we've never heard of,  drawn on banks that we can't even pronounce!

This means that we have no way of predicting your transaction fees in advance and must account for them separately.

Transaction fees are debited from your Postage Fund in real time,  so,  for example,  when you first access your control panel after registering a 12 month account,  expecting to see a £20 balance but find only £15.60 it is because fees of £4.40  ( 2% of £220 ) were charged by your bank or Paypal.

refund policy

your right of withdrawal

Even though,  under the European Consumer Rights Directive,  you do NOT have the right to withdraw from the contract you make with us at Registration because the product  ( your mailbox Account )  is bespoke. . .   we understand that people sometimes make mistakes.

As a courtesy and without prejudice,  if you decide within the first seven days that you no longer wish to hold a mailbox Account with us,  for whatever reason,  we will return both your Service fee and initial Postage Fund credit ( less our £25 administration costs and any transaction charges applied by your bank or card issuer ).