id verification

a guide to verifying the account holder's identity

The HMRC rules and regulations that govern our industry means that we must verify the identify of every mailbox Account Holder. . .   just to make sure that you are not an internationally wanted criminal mastermind,  plotting an overthrow of the global banking network from your caravan!   :o)


UK passports as ID for a Vanpost mailbox

for uk residents of 'no fixed abode'

or static and touring caravanners without a fixed postal address

photo id

At least one photographic proof of identity for the Account Holder.

This could be your:
i)  Passport photo page
ii)  UK driving licence photo card
iii)  Other Government issued photo ID card

In certain circumstances,  a driving license AND passport may provide enough points to satisfy the minimum requirement.

You'll need to send us copies of the documents as images. . .   but photos taken on your mobile phone are fine!

proof of (former) address

One proof of your last UK address:   (documents should be less than 3 months old and show the Account Holder's name).

Examples include:
i)  A utility, landline telephone or internet bill
ii)  A bank, building society or credit card statement
iii)  A certificate of insurance
iv)  A pay slip or P45 / P60
v)  Any HMRC notice or benefits letter

If you have been of No Fixed Abode for any length of time,  we may be able to accept documents that relate to your last fixed address in the UK,  even if they are more than 3 months old.

don't worry!

We know that circumstances are different for everyone and there is no such thing as an 'average' customer.

Expost provides accommodation addresses,  and this limited role allows us the freedom to interpret HMRC rules on ID Verification,  and the flexibility to do whatever is legally possible to make the process easier for you.    If you need help,  please ask. . .   we can almost always find a solution!

ID processing usually takes less than 2 hours during the working week  ( Monday to Friday ).   Once verified,  the status of your account will automatically change to  'Active' and the mail forwarding controls will activate in your control panel.   Please note that you must verify your identity within seven days of registration to avoid the account being temporarily suspended.