is still an option without a letterbox!

So far so good.   You now have a fixed,  UK street address for official,  financial and personal correspondence and all of your on-line shopping.   Your letters and parcels are being signed for and stored securely in your chosen Mail Centre,  ready to be forwarded.   Then,  using the your secure control panel,  tell us when and how to forward your mail  ( by 1st Class post,  signed-for or courier )  and we'll consolidate all of your letters into a tamper proof postal bag and all you pay is the normal postage,  at cost.

The vast majority of our static caravanners and full time motorhomers elect to have their mail scanned  ( see; mail scanning )  but they still receive an occasional letter that must be physically forwarded;  such as a replacement driving licence or bank card.

So the question remains;   If the caravan park or site office can't accept your post,  and you don't have a relative who is able to receive these very infrequent despatches,  how can we get important items to you when you didn't have an address in the first place?

you can have it sent

. . .to a local post office for collection!

The Post Office offer a service called 'Poste Restante'  ( pronounced post rest ont )  which allows for mail to be delivered to a Post Office,  then collected by the addressee.   Although this service is advertised widely on the Post Office website,  it is probably their best kept secret,  so much so that many outlets are not even aware that it exists!

A word of caution.   Because the service is non-chargeable,  some Post Offices choose not to offer Poste Restante,  so it really is a matter of trial and error.   As an anecdotal guide,  you will find that smaller sub Post Offices,  particularly those that are within convenience stores,  tend to be more receptive.

setting up poste restante

Please note that the service is only available by prior arrangement.   Pop into any local Post Office  ( take two forms of ID with you ),  tell them that you are travelling and would like to have your mail sent there for you to collect!  :o)   If they are happy to provide the service,  then enter the Post Office as the forwarding address in your control panel,  and tick the 'Poste Restante' box.

The Poste Restante service can be used for up to three months at the same Post Office,  but there is almost always more than one within easy reach,  so you can switch to another after a few weeks.

collection is free

but remember to take some ID

You can pick up your mail at any time during the normal business hours of your chosen Post Office,  including weekends if they are open.   Just ask at the counter and be sure to have some form of ID with you;   a driving licence,  bill or payment card is usually fine,  but each individual Post Office will advise you when you enquire.

Click to visit the Post Office official website and learn more about their Poste Restante service.

parcel post

make vanpost your shopping partner!

Vanpost is not just for letters.   Parcels up to 20kg in weight  ( the Royal Mail Medium Parcel format )  are included in our standard mailbox service,  making vanpost perfect for shopping on-line in the UK.   For more detailed definitions,  you may like to review this simple mail size and weight formats guide.

oversized or overweight parcels

Parcels over the mailbox maximum weight or size limit will not be rejected!   They will be processed and sent on independently of your normal forwarding,  by courier,  but will attract a small surcharge for the necessary manual handling.

We will inform you if an overly large parcel is despatched and we suggest that you alert your Poste Restante to expect it!

Whilst all of our regional Mail Centres are functioning normally,  postal and courier services are experiencing various levels of delay due to the global Corona Virus pandemmic. . .  so please bear this in mind!

for your security!

Despatches containing a payment card,  passport or driving licence will always be forwarded by a 'trackable' service  ( regardless of the options you may have selected )!   If you are unable to sign for mail on delivery,  for whatever reason,  please send a message to  from the email address registered to your account,  with exactly the following wording.   We will then add a legal waiver to your records that will allow us to despatch by standard post.

"My mailbox Key is:  *****.   If I so instruct,  please forward any payment card,  valid passport or driving licence by standard,  untracked,  mail.   I understand and accept the risks associated with sending such items by standard post and I hold expost harmless in the event of loss.   I further understand that no tracking information or proof of delivery will be available to me."